LED hunting lights

Stalk Tech LED hunting lights

The brightest LED hunting flashlights on the market today, Stalk Tech’s new Envy and Fury series of high powered LED hunting lights output up to 280 Lumens of unfiltered Red or Green light.

Green LED hunting light


Featuring the tightest throwing US made CREE XR-E series LED Diodes and a variety of custom reflectors to accommodate any style of hunting, the Fury and Envy series lights reach further than any other light sold in the USA.
Pushing 280 lumens of true, 532nm green unfiltered light, Stalk Tech’s LED hunting lights are a must for anyone that is serious about night hunting.



Did you know that while most hunting lights advertise themselves as a”100 Yds” or a “250 Yds” lights, this rating is actually based on white light before filter?
Did you know that the minute a filter (red, green or amber) is applied to the light, you instantly loose approximately 65% of your light’s reach potential?

Have you researched other Lights?

If you have, did you notice they do not advertise their light’s specs? in fact, 90% of LED Hunting lights are built using a 120 degree XP-G R2 or R2 diode, while they produce anywhere from 180 to 280 lumens, Lumens ARE NOT Everything!, How the light is directed and color are equally if not more important.



Stalk Tech’s lights feature the 90 degree tight throwing XR-E R2 LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes).
These diodes are the absolutely sturdiest and tightest throwing Diodes available.
Made in the USA, these LED’s actually emit green light in its purest form; there are no filters whatsoever, just 100% green light so when you buy a 280 lumen light, you get every bit of it!