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Fury 3, The most powerful red led flashlight for Night Hunting

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The most powerful red led flashlight on the market today, The Fury3’s deep reflector focuses an incredibly tight beam giving you the ability to identify even a dark animal an unprecedented 220 yards down range while shining predator eyes at up to 500 yards, Stalk Tech Fury 3providing unparalleled reach to the long distance shooter.
Other companies claim up to 250 yards of illumination but if you have ever tried a “250 yards” Primos light before, you know these claims are false and that you would be lucky to see a target at 100 yards.
Unlike its counterparts, the Fury3 emits true red light, there are no red filters involved in tinting a white light so you get every bit of the 280 lumens of red light.

Preferred by many for hunting Coyotes as coyotes have no perception of red, the Fury3 is our Envy3’s twin sister featuring a Red Cree R5 LED chip.
Powered by American made CREE R5 LED diodes, the Fury3 emits a true 280 lumens of actual red light, truly making it The most powerful red led flashlight on the market today.

imageWhile most if not all other so called “hog lights” feature R5 LED diodes, Stalk Tech uses Cree R5 diodes, Because the Cree R5 emits light at 95 degrees, it is much tighter and therefore has a longer reach than any R5 equipped light.
Add to this the Fury’s ultra deep and perfectly matched smooth reflector and you have a Red throwing light whose performance is second to none.

Because of the tight beam it projects, to achieve a centered match to your scope’s field of vision, the optional elevation and windage adjustable Picatinny / Weaver rail mount is highly recommended for use with this light.

Package Contents:

1 Long Distance Hunting Flashlight
1 Single 18650 Battery Charger
1 3.7V 2400mAh 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
1 ON/OFF Tailcap switch