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18650 Rechargeable Flashlight Battery Samsung Core 2400Mah with Printed Circuit Board

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This battery is designed for use with our Envy, Fury and Bow Light lines of products and is not designed for the Laser designator. If you are interested in buying extra batteries for your laser designator, look for the CR123A batteries.

This 2400Mah 18650 Flashlight Battery is built on a Samsung Core and features a Printed Circuit Board to protect it against overcharge and over drainage which could otherwise harm the battery.

In use in our Envy and Fury line of Flashlights, these batteries will provide 2 Hours of illumination on High mode and 4 Hours of illumination on Low mode. Dimensions: 18mm diameter 68mm height 500 charge/discharge cycles Rating.


You may ask yourself why we would only offer a 2400Mah Battery when Ebay sellers and other hunting lights manufacturers advertise 3000, 4000 or even 5000Mah Batteries.

The truth is an 18650 battery can only store a maximum of 2600Mah on conventional Li-Ion technology, however, unscrupulous sellers on Ebay and all over the net advertise much higher capacity pills, this is a sure sign of a deceptive brand and a sure way to get a substandard or even dangerous battery.

5000mah 18650 batteryGTL 18650 5000mAh (Blue)-info

Above is an example of a battery advertised at $5 a pill with a claimed capacity of 5000Mah. When tested, the true capacity was actually 1065Mah which goes to prove that buying batteries from a less than reputable source is just not worth it.

Furthermore, Lithium batteries can be dangerous if not properly protected and can explode if overcharged, overdrained or paired with unevenly charged batteries in applications requiring the use of multiple 18650.